Indigenous People’s Day 2023

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Hosmer Elementary School, , 1 Concord Road, Watertown, MA


Music, dance, and storytelling by Indigenous performers including:

  • Nettukkusqk Singers * Brock Stonefish * Eastern Sun Drummers and Dancers * Thea Hopkins * Geri Barney * Mwalim 7) & The ZYG 808 * Teddy and Maria Hendricks Judy Fallows will describe the “three sisters gardens” at the elementary and middle schools.

  • Indigenous food by Sonya Avant

  • Indigenous crafts, arts and books provided by:

Deborah Moorehead, Leslie Tuplin, Holly Carrol Cachimuel, Bob and Cindy Shelley, Geri Barney, Julia Marden, Hartman Deetz and Belmont Bookstore