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"Love Come Down", the fourth CD of Boston singer-songwriter Thea Hopkins is a real masterpiece." -- ”


About Thea

With her 4th album, “Love Come Down,”  released in September 2018, Boston performing songwriter Thea Hopkins has achieved an elegance of sound that lives up to her poetic prowess. A talent the Washington Post called “a standout writer,” she has created, in just six tunes, a seamless song journey that begins with a gentle invocation (“Love Come Down”), ends with a lullaby (“Until Then”) and gracefully travels to a few dark American landscapes in between.  From love ballad to social history, every song is personal.  


The Paris Move raved "“Our amazement is total. Thea Hopkins’ CD “Love Come Down” should come with a warning: To be opened with care – risk of love at first sight!"     

 -- Patrick Dallongeville


The scope of the EP can be seen by the choice of musicians. Jazz trumpeter Tom Halter (Either Orchestra) explores haunting new directions on four songs. “Mississippi River, Mississippi Town” features the electric ebow of  Dave Minehan (The Neighborhoods, The Replacements.) He also co-produced the song. On “The Ghost of Emmett Till,” Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul & Mary) adds his quietly dramatic guitar and harmony vocals. The pianist Tim Ray (formerly with Lyle Lovett) is prominent, and plaintive, on “Almost Upon a Time.”  “Tamson Weeks” is sparked by violinist Mimi Rabson of the Really Esoteric String Quartet. It tells the story of Hopkins" great-great aunt, a medicine woman of the Aquinnah Wampanoag Indian tribe of Martha's Vineyard.


Thea has been described by a former Bob Dylan tour manager as, "k.d. lang meets Leonard Cohen."


She first gained wider musical recognition when Peter, Paul & Mary recorded her song 'Jesus Is On The Wire' in 2004 and again in 2010, with the Prague Symphony Orchestra. It is considered one of their later signature songs.  


A member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe, Thea is honored to be a 2016 recipient of a fellowship from the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation. Her ancestry also includes Nottoway (Iroquois), African-American, Irish and Portuguese.


Recent festival appearances include the Greenbelt Festival (Kettering UK), the Moseley Folk Festival (Birmingham, UK) the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival (Okemah,OK), the Outside The Box Festival (Boston, MA), International Festival of Arts & Ideas (CT), the Saltaire Festival (UK) and From A Distance - Festival of Americana Music (UK).


Artists Thea has opened for in the US and in the UK, include John Lodge of the Moody Blues, Noel Paul Stookey, Amy Helm, David Bromberg & Larry Campbell, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, John Hammond, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, Maura O'Connell and Richie Furay.


Venues that have welcomed Thea and her music include the City Winery (NY), Museum of Fine Arts(MA), the Bluebird Cafe(TN), Club Passim (MA), Smith Center For The Performing Arts (NV), Narrows Center For The Arts (MA), Johnny D's (MA), the Bitter End (NY), Museum of Fine Arts (MA), Band on the Wall (UK), the Atkinson (UK) and the American Folk Art Museum (NY).





"The discovery of "Love Come Down" by Thea Hopkins may have the same effect as "Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison, or "Lorca" by the late Tim Buckley. Nothing less" --

"Listening to 'Love Come Down' is something like love at first sight."

"Love Come Down" is a real masterpiece... Her voice is completely unique and very recognizable, but above all: she has become a songwriter of the highest level.”

"You find yourself helplessly falling in love with the power of music all over again."  

Review Of Live Show "Grateful Fred's Presents At The Atkinson" August 6, 2014

"An artist whose narratives drip with metaphor and imagery" -- Americana UK

"On album, Thea Hopkins' music is beautifully arranged, but solo, and onstage, her songs, -- stripped down to voice and guitar, are even more potent. All of her sensitivity, cleverness, and joy beams through. She's extraordinary." Programming director Wil Gregerson, (Sunday Concert Series, Warwick Public Library RI)


"Thea Hopkins has a wonderfully sonorous voice, husky and full of character. She sounds as though she was made for country music and this mini-album is some of the best country I’ve heard in ages."

"The beauty of Thea's voice is matched by the brilliance of her lyrics." -- Roberta Schwartz, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange  

'Jesus Is On The Wire' "absolutely unforgettable" -- All Music Guide

'Jesus Is On The Wire' "is a modern classic" -- Roberta Schwartz, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange


" Thea Hopkins - 'Lilac Sky' - review (9/10) March 2013 "The first track ‘Might’ve Stayed in Memphis’ showcases all that’s great about this album. It's a country track that gets a bit rockier on the chorus with musicianship that blends acoustic and steel guitars. Thea is an excellent songwriter with a memorably vivid lyrical lines and a fine ear for melody. These abilities shine on the title track of the album, ‘Lilac Sky' . 'Whatcha Gonna Do?’ is a well textured country song which blends guitars and mandola perfectly and lyrically is a spectacular tour de force." --Nick Browne

'Lilac Sky' - review (8/10) March 2013 "Rich, sultry, emotional, expressive..."

"Thea Hopkins has a wonderfully sonorous voice, husky and full of character. She sounds as though she was made for country music and this mini-album is some of the best country I’ve heard in ages."

'Lilac Sky' - review (4/5) - Billybop (Belgium) - 28.1.13

"Striking and intriguing, with an extraordinary voice." Thea Hopkins – Lilac sky (2013)

"An excellent left of centre six song country mini album that is well worth putting on repeat play! "On "Lilac Sky,"
Boston singer-songwriter Thea Hopkins has chosen to release a modest number of songs. Each of these songs absolutely must be heard. " --, Jan 2013

"The bottom line is that Thea Hopkins knows how to take an audience on a ride that touches the full range of human emotions. The beauty of Thea's voice is matched by the brilliance of her lyrics.” -–
Roberta B. Schwartz, The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange


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