NEW ALBUM "Love Come Down"          

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                                                 "Love Come Down", the fourth CD of  Boston

singer-songwriter Thea Hopkins is a real masterpiece.

-- Dani Hayvaert  www.rootsville.eu  


"Attention, landslide! The discovery of "Love Come Down" (6 tracks) by Thea Hopkins may have the same effect as  "Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison, or "Lorca" by the late Tim

Buckley. Nothing less"-- Patrick Dallongeville

Thea Hopkins selected as a 2016 Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Fellow! www.nativeartsandcultures.org











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Grateful Fred's Presents At The Atkinson Southport (UK)

 " An artist whose narratives drip with metaphor and imagery" --  Americana UK    

 "Superb performance at the Atkinson" (UK)--http://www.fatearecords.co.uk/magazine/2014/TheaHopkins.html/

 "On album, Thea Hopkins' music is beautifully arranged, but solo, and onstage, her songs, -- stripped down to voice and guitar, are even more potent. All of her sensitivity, cleverness, and joy beams through. She's extraordinary  - Programming director Wil Gregerson, (Sunday Concert Series, Warwick Public Library RI )

 'Jesus Is On The Wire'  "absolutely unforgettable" -- All Music Guide

"The beauty of Thea's voice is matched by the brilliance of her lyrics."-- Roberta Schwartz, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange."