November, November

More tour dates coming soon!

October News

Very excited and honored to have my song, "Tamson Weeks" featured as Song Of The Week for the week of October 15th - 21st on Art Of The Song and the Standing 'O' Project!

My great, great aunt, "Tamson Weeks", was a renowned medicine woman of the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe of Martha's Vineyard.

Art Of The Song and the Standing 'O' Project are wonderful organizations! Many thanks to them for all the work they do to support performing songwriters. Here are the links:

September Song

Amazing experience at the Western Arts Alliance last week. So honored to have been selected for the Advancing Indigenous Arts Program, with all these amazing fellow native artists!!! I am inspired by each and everyone of them. This pic was taken at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on August 28th.

June News

'Love Come Down" is getting more airplay in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands & Germany. It is getting some lovely reviews too! (Check out the press section, when you have a chance, I just posted one!)

"Love Come Down" UK & Europe Radio Airplay

As of May 14th, "Love Come Down" is starting to get airplay in the UK & Europe :


AIRPLAY LIST MAY 2018    The Ghost Of Emmett Till   Mississippi River, Love Come Down Love Come Down  Love Come Down Almost Upon A Time Mississippi River, Mississippi Town   Love Come Down The Ghost Of Emmett Till Mississippi River, Love Come Down Almost Upon A Time  Mississippi River, Mississippi Town

www.Havenstad.FM    Almost Upon A Time The Ghost Of Emmett Till The Ghost Of Emmett Till



March 2018

Very happy to announce my CD "Love Come Down" is being mastered this month! Can't wait to share it with you:) 








Additional recording by Gerry Bellegarde and by Dave Minehan (Wooly Mammoth Studios); MASTERING BY IAN KENNEDY

Dedicated to the Native Arts & Cultures Foundation for their generosity.

The players: trumpet & flugelhorn: Tom Halter; violin: Kathryn Parks (1), Ian Kennedy (2,6), Mimi Rabson, drums: Steve Scully (5), bass: Tom Appleman (1,2,4,6), Ken Steiner (3); harmony vocal & guitar: Noel Paul Stookey (2); piano: Tim Ray; elec. guitar: Lance Riley (1,6); elec. guitar & ebow: Dave Minehan (3). Acoustic guitar, banjo & vocals: Thea Hopkins.

Design and recording help: Daniel Gewertz.

My endless thanks to Noel Paul Stookey for the inspired music he gifted to me on “Emmett Till.” Thanks to all my wonderful Indiegogo contributors, notably executive producers Terry Eagan, & Caroline Kurtz,

All songs written by Thea Hopkins

January 2018

Recording Update:

The new CD, "Love Come Down" is almost completed! The last two weeks has seen more work done at Gerry Bellegarde's studio. Many thanks to violinist, Mimi Rabson, for the lovely violin parts she recently added to my song, "Tamson Weeks".Yesterday we edited some of the parts and it sounds quite nice. Big thanks to Gerry B & Danny G! Yes, to teamwork:) "Love Come Down" is scheduled for a Spring arrival!



December News

Season’s Greetings!

The long awaited CD is near completion. There are just a couple more instruments to be added to the sixth and final song.

Here are all my songs, which will be on the CD :


  1. Love Come Down
  2. The Ghost of Emmett Till (harmony vocal and guitar by Noel Paul Stookey of (Peter, Paul and Mary!)
  3. Mississippi River, Mississippi Town
  4. Almost Upon A Time
  5. Tamson Weeks (a song I wrote about my great, great, great aunt, a legendary Wampanoag Indian medicine woman)
  6. Until Then

So many wonderful and talented people have contributed and supported the recording. The instruments are violins, guitars, banjo, trumpet, flugelhorn, bass and, on occasion, drums.

The CD begins with a song of love and ends with one. I am very honored and touched that Noel Paul Stookey added his harmony vocals and guitar to “The Ghost of Emmett Till.” With trumpeter Tom Halter (of the Either Orchestra) and violinist Ian Kennedy, it is a magnificent rendition, produced, as all the songs will be, by Mike Davidson at Plaid Dog Studios in Brighton.

Additional recording work has recently been done by Gerry Bellegarde of Belltower Studios and Dave Minehan of Woolly Mammoth Sound.

(Dave also  a wonderful ebow part, to “Mississippi River, Mississippi Town,” which heightens the spooky mood of the song.)

Your generosity and support helped bring this project to fruition. I know it has been a long haul, but the CD will be out before the last snow melts in 2018!

Happy Holidays!


October Skies

Here we are in October! Just more tune for the CD and then voila, it will be complete. Thank you for your patience and support!!!

September, September


Cooler weather is upon us finally, and I could not be happier! I can appreciate the summer months but autumn has and always will be my favorite time of year.

This September finds me pulling together a lot of loose ends. Recording for the CD is continuing this month. Everything is being gone over very carefully, one note at a time:)

August News!

The middle of August is finding me back in Dave Minehan's recording studio, Woolly Mammoth Sound, putting the finishing touches on one more tune.  Today, the wonderful bass player, Ken Steiner, added some very tasty licks to, "Mississippi River, Mississppi Town". 

Looking forward to doing more recording and mixing next month!

July Update!

Very excited to announce I will be working with  Andre Bouchard, Walrus Arts Management & Consulting!


June Update!

Just returned from the great northwest. The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Conference was an amazing experience! Still recovering from all the travel...

April Update!

After a bit of a break, I have started recording today at Woolly Mammoth Sound today! Great experience:) Two more songs to go, then the CD will be completed!

February Update: Shhh, Recording In Progress...

Recording of the new CD is continuing at Plaid Dog Studios. I am very happy about all the songs recorded thus far. Mike Davidson is doing a fantastic, fantastic job as producer! I hope to have it completed by June. (Fingers crossed!) We were in the studio this past week with trumpeter Tom Halter. He added some more of his beautiful sounds to one of my tunes. Sigh...

Tom Halter

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Well, it is 2017 and work is continuing on the new CD. Lots on the board for the New Year , here's to the music!

December News

The last few months I have been busy recording new music, which I am very excited about! I am aiming for a Spring 2017 release, but it may take a little longer than that. An amazing ensemble of musicians are joining me on various tunes: Tom Appleman (bass), Larry Dersch (drums), Mike Dinallo (guitar), Tom Halter (trumpet), Jennifer Kimball (hamony vox) Kathleen Parks (violin), Tim Ray (piano) & Noel Paul Stookey, of PP&M:) (harmony vox & acoustic guitar!!!). With producer Mike Davidson, of Plaid Dog Recording at the helm, this is gearing up to be an amazing project!

November Update!

 Very excited about all the songs being recorded! The plan is to have the cd completed by Spring 2017. It is getting there. 

Then the west coast tour. Can't wait! 


September Update!

Honored to have been selected as a featured artist on Alexis Sallee's wonderful program Earthsongs! Here is the link:

Very happy to report that guitar tracks were recorded last week for three more songs at Plaid Dog! I will be going back into the studio next month and hope to have the CD finished by the end of the year, fingers crossed:)

I am gearing up for the new year and looking forward to heading out to the west coast in April!

July News!!!

Very excited and honored to have been selected as a 2016 Native Arts and Culture Foundations fellow!!!

June News!

Happy June! Today in New England the weather can best be described as pleasingly delightful, birds are chirping, flowers are in full bloom. Sigh... I hope you are having a wonderful day! This past month has seen me at my frantic best and (worst!), as I prepare to record the rest of my CD. Decisions, decisions! I will be going back into the studio later this month to do some more pre-production with producer Mike Davidson. I am happy to report my Indiegogo campaign raised enough funds to record more songs for the new CD, "Love Come Down", which I can't wait to share with you. I have been overwhelmed by people's generosity. Gratitude!!! The plan is to have the CD recorded this summer and released this fall!
May Update:

This has been a really hectic last few weeks, with the Indiegogo Campaign for the new CD. Whew! This is the last week of the campaign... I can't wait to start recording again!

March 29, 2016

Here is a link to the No Depression review of the March 11th Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams (opener Thea Hopkins) show at Club Passim:
FEB 2016--

I am continuing to work on the tunes for the new CD. Can't wait to share them with everyone!
Dec. 9 -

Continuing pre-production on the new CD. All is coming along nicely:)
Oct. 6, 2015

Here is the link to my Oct. 1 WEMF interview!
Sept 22, 2015

Wow, what an amazing summer. I am still processing everything- from playing at the Woody Guthrie Festival in OK to returning to the UK  to tour!

I am fine tuning a bunch of songs and getting ready to record. Fingers crossed, I will have everything done by January 1, 2106:)
June 24- 

This has been a very hectic time. I have been writing and re-writing tunes for the next CD. I was hoping to have something out by June 21 but I am delaying recording until I return from England in September. 

I am very excited about upcoming gigs, Woody Guthrie Fest, Outside the Box & looking forward to playing with guitarist Kenny Selcer & upright bassist Ken Steiner at Outside the Box Boston next month!

Happy May! I am happy to report that my ankle is healing. I am now allowed out without my "big boot", many thanks for all the well wishes:) While I was laid up, it seems the universe decided to bless me with a couple of exciting summer gigs! In July, I will headed to Oklahoma for the Woody Guthrie Festival and then in August I will be at the Greenbelt Festival in England. I will be adding more summer dates, so stay tuned.
April 6 - Spending the day with a thesaurus, my guitar and a pot of tea...
April 3 - Very excited to have been invited to perform at the Woody Guthrie Festival in July!

Feb 17 - In the town of Theaville

The forecast this week is for sunny skies, with a small chance of precipitation due to hesitation and over- analysis of current conditions.

Work on the yet to be named CD is continuing at a measured pace. We hope to have construction completed by late Spring. 

Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

Jan 11 - Pre-production For The New EP!

I have been really busy doing pre-production on 6 songs for the new EP.  I am hoping to complete recording by the end of March.  Fingers crossed!

Dec 5 - NYC Gig & New Songs

Had a fun gig at Silvana in NYC the other night. Cozy venue uptown. Crazy trying to leave the city a lot of activity, protestors and police.

In other news... I am busy writing new songs and doing pre- production. Yay!

Oct 29- Recording!

I went into the studio yesterday and did a quick take of the "Ghost Of Emmett Till" . Love it when things go smoothly in the studio!

Here is the link:

The Ghost Of Emmett Till
In the town of Money, on the Mississippi side                
Sharecroppers, cotton patches, magnolia skies       
Deep in this delta, more than fifty years ago
A boy was murdered down the road
CH: The ghost of Emmett Till walks across this land
        Still waiting for America to take his hand
Out on the delta , there was no moonlight
When Emmett Till was taken from his bed that night
For whistling at a white girl, on a summer day
A fourteen year old black boy, would end up in a grave
CH: The ghost of Emmett Till walks across this land
        Still waiting for America to take his hand
The Tallahatchie River where Emmett Till was found
Those waters are still rolling, and they feed this ground
You can get away with murder, in this country still
If the boy looks like Emmett Till
CH: The ghost of Emmett Till walks across this land
        Still waiting for America to take his hand
©2014 Thea Hopkins

Sept 24 - Summer Recap, Fall Preview

It seems like fall is upon us! What a wild and wonderful summer it was...

I had some lovely gigs in CT and NH this summer before heading over to England. It's always wonderful to see old friends and make new friends in this big, crazy world!

My August tour of England started off in Manchester, where I had the honor of opening for David Bromberg & Larry Campbell. They were amazing! Manchester is a great town and I loved being back there. Then, off to Liverpool. I didn't think I would be excited as I was to check out Beatle's central but one picture says it all!
The next stop was Southport and a return to the Atkinson. A terrific night with the excellent Grateful Fred band & rockin' Steve Hardaker. A big thanks to Grateful Fred's for making it such a memorable gig! I have a couple of videos from the show on my website. (Thank you Jim!)

From there south to Brighton and a gig at the Brunswick with Lucas & King and the Self Help Group, all very talented musicians/writers - another great night:)

This time around we set some time aside to do some sightseeing in foggy London town. Wonderful to take a breather and feel like real tourists for a few hours.  And the gig at the Green Note, where I opened for guitarist extraordinaire Brooks Williams was a real treat.
The final stop was Nottingham and the wonderful Guitar Bar:) 
It was a too brief summer tour of England and I look forward to returning next year!

Fall Preview

I am writing a lot of new songs I am very excited about and look forward to sharing them with you in the New Year:))

My next local gig is at the New Moon Coffeehouse in Haverill on Oct. 18th opening for
Jon Pousette-Dart!

Thanks, thanks and more thanks for all the kind words and support the music has been receiving. It is very much appreciated.

I hope your summer was filled with wonderful adventures & wishing you a fun and happy autumn!

I hope to see you soon.



Aug 4 - Manchester UK

Amazing, amazing, amazing... I have to pinch my self, I can't quite believe I opened up for David Bromberg & Larry Campbell last night in Manchester. They were astonishing performing for two and a half hours straight! Great venue Band On The Wall!

July 7 - World Fellowship Center!

What a fantastic experience at the World Fellowship Center! I can't say enough good things about the place. A very mellow, progressive and peaceful environment in the foothills of the White Mountains. 

It was a fantastic gig, an audience full of appreciative people.  A big thanks to to Andy & Andrea, and everyone who made it such a special evening!

March 1, 2014 - Wonderful Emerson College Event

I had a wonderful time being part of Emerson College's Civil Rights Celebration. A big thanks to Dr. Roger House for inviting me to be part of it! I have to start taking more pics!


I am honored to be in such fine company!


Playlist: Rodney Crowell / Emmylou Harris: Open Season On My Heart (Old Yellow Moon)
Thea Hopkins: Might've Stayed in Memphis Too long (Lilac Sky)
The High Bar Gang: Sinners You Better Get Ready (Lost & Undone, a Gospel Bluegrass Companion)
Drew Holcomb & the Neighbours: Another Man's Shoes (Good Light) 
Sam Baker: Isn't love Great (Say Grace) Roy Arbuckle/
Anne Tracey: How's Your Broken Heart These Days (Songs For the Soul)
The Tillers: Old Westside (Hand on the Plow)
Mary Dillon: The Banks of Claudy (North)
The Mountain Firework Company: Low (The Lonesome Losing Blues) The Ronnie Greer Band: Baby Won't You Please Come Home (A Lifetime With The Blues)
Slaid Cleaves: God's Own Yodeler (Still Fighting the War)
Janet Dowd: A Friend to Me (Sailing Away)
Stephen Fearing: Early Morning Rain (Between Hurricanes)
Ultan Conlon: Dance to "Paper Roses" (Songs of Love So Cruel)
Ruth Moody: These Wilder Things (These Wilder Things) Chip Taylor: Block Out the Sirens of this Lonely World (Block out the Sirens of this Lonely World)
April Verch: Broken (Bright Like Gold) Kimmie Rhodes: Don't Think Twice (Covers)
Rod Picott: I Might Be Broken Now (Hang your Hopes on a Crooked Nail)
Mike Donaghy & Border Crossing: Peace Begins With Me (Mike Donaghy & Border Crossing)

Nov 1 Next Stop Southport!

Southport, Southport, Southport... Such nice memories. Here is pic of the Atkinson Theatre where the "From A Distance Music Festival" was held. I had a great time opening for Peggy Seeger, a fine songwriter & very entertaining performer.  A big thanks to Bob & Claire for inviting me to be part of the fest!

Atkinson Theatre Southport UKTHEN, right after the show, we had to scurry get on the train and head to Bradford. This turned into quite an adventure involving an unneccessary stop in the town of Wigan.  We finally arrived in Bradford at 9:30 PM starved and weary. After registering at the hotel, we decided we had not had enough adventure for one day, so we decided to locate a restaurant  recommended to us by the hotel. This involved a circuitous route on foot through a very unlit part of Bradford. Visions of Shaun of The Dead danced in my head.  Along the way we ran into a throngs ( and I mean THRONGS) of people celebrating the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  We finally located the restaurant, ate some delicious Indian food, made it back to the hotel and fell fast asleep. Quite a day.

Oct 20- UK Trip Part 2

So, jet lagged and weary we arrive at our hotel. I had to take an 8:20 AM train the next day to Blackburn for the Sally Naden BBC Lancashire Show. I got through it in a fairly monosyllablic fashion and performed the best I could considering my exhaustion levels but the show must go on! Sally and her staff were wonderful. 

Back in Manchester  Daniel & I had a chance to explore the city, getting caught in a brief rainstorm that afternoon. Here an amazing rainbow pic from Manchester:Too soon we had to leave Manchester for points north.  Can't wait to return! Next stop Southport.


Oct 14- UK Trip/Tour Recap Part 1

UK trip/tour recap Part 1:

On Sept 16th we left for the UK  and no international trip is complete without the "have we packed everything we need? OMG what have we forgotten! where ARE the passports?" preamble. So, we go through the checklist with totally unmilitary precision for the umpteenth time and finally say "let's just go already!" and arrive at the airport two hours too early because waiting... waiting... is so much fun. (The next non-adventure, adventure involved a hard roll, dinging a tooth sending me into a major panic that the tooth is broken and the trip is ruined... the tooth was fine.)

Totally disoriented and exhausted, we arrived in Shannon Ireland at 5:00 AM, where we changed planes for Manchester UK. Going from an airbus to a two propeller 60 seat plane that has seen better days was a severe test of faith but I told myself I had not come this far to disappear into the Irish Sea. 

I vaguely remember arriving at the Manchester Airport, getting on the train and arriving at Piccadilly Station in Manchester. I am very thankful for the unasked for assistance of a total stranger, "Are you lost?" and so we were able to successfully navigate,  with our overloaded luggage to our first destination- the City Warehouse Apartments. To be continued...

Oct 8- A Few UK Notes

I have finally recovered from my jet lag, though  I am still on London time. Which is fine with me!

It was truly an amazing trip- exciting, exhausting, inspiring, and I look forward to returning next year! I got to see quite a bit of the UK in two and a half weeks- Manchester, Blackburn, Southport, Wigan, Saltaire, Shipley, London, Brighton, Hove, Lewes & Bedford. It was a whirlwind and I met a great assortment of lovely people.  Loved, loved it there.

Sept 5- Getting Ready For The UK Tour!

Well, I am finally relaxing for a bit, watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees!!!

I have been working around the clock literally getting everything ready for the UK trip.  The idea, of course, is not to overpack and also not forget any of the essentials. Hah!

I feel very blessed that everything has come together the way it has. This will be a solo venture - the most economical way to tour at the moment.  (For all you gearheads, I will be taking my new Air Voyager guitar which is amazing! And I am having a Fishman Rare Earth pick-up installed in it.) Sometimes things go the way you want them to, not always but nice when they do. Gotta be thankful when it happens:)



JUne 16 UK Dates!

I am very psyched about playing in the UK this fall! The tour starts in Southport at the Americana Festival and will head south winding down through Brighton and Lewes to London.  More dates to come!

April 7 Sheffield MA Gig!

Played last  night in Sheffield MA at Dewey Town Hall. Lovely gig. I highly recommend Staveleigh B & B too!  4 Stars!

March 23 - Great Gig opening for Amy Helm!


Fantastic gig opening for Amy Helm at the Bull Run in Shirley last night. What a great venue, great sound. A wonderful experience.

Amy was excellent and so was her band. A real pleasure to hear her again. Ronnie Earl sat in w/them on a few tunes. She did a gorgeous rendition of Makes No Difference.

Thank you Bull Run, thank you Amy & all the folks who listened. Much appreciated:)

March 16

I have not updated my news section for awhile. It does not mean nothing has been going on, it means I have been too darn busy to do so!

Here is the update: I have been writing new songs
          Following up on radio 
          Oh yes, following up on radio...

I think you get the idea!

Feb 17

 I am very excited about doing the "On The Road To Toronto" showcase in NYC on the 19th upstairs at the Living Room.  Hope to see you there!

Dec 8- Transmission Hour!

Up at 6:30 AM today (early for me!) to tape Transmission Hour w/guitarist Andy Hollinger & bassist Shon Gordon. Many thanks to producer Tim Casey, Curt, Billy, Caroline and everyone BNN! It will air in January 2013. 

Dec 7 -American Songwriter Magazine!

 Just found out I won second place in American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest Jan/Feb 20013 for my song, "Mississippi River, Mississippi Town"!

Here are the lyrics:

Sky spitting rain, crow flying by
Water rising high as cane in July
A bible storm coming, that's the word whippin' round
This Mississippi river, this Mississippi town

Pushing and pulling, that river's getting mad
Last storm took everything we had
Roaring like an engine, plowing it's way down
This Mississippi river, to this Mississippi town

My, oh my, if that levee breaks
It's gonna cause some big heartache

Water stopping tonight, at the county line
Only a fool thinks that river's changed it's mind
Learn to swim, or get to higher ground
That Mississippi river, wants this Mississppi town

My oh my, if that levee breaks 
It's gonna cause some big heartache
c Theahopkins2012

Oct. 16 My First Commercial!

Here is a link to a commercial for the New England Expo50+. Don't blink or you'll miss me!

Preview Lilac Sky!

You can preview the tracks, "Lilac Sky" and "Whatcha Gonna Do" from my third CD, "Lilac Sky", to be released in January 2013 here:  

Mastering Is Completed - Sept 14th!

Ian Kennedy has mastered the songs for my new EP, "Lilac Sky", making them nice and radio friendly! Whoopee! This will be the order of the tunes:

1. Might've Stayed In Memphis
2. Lilac Sky
3. Do Your Best For Rock 'n Roll (Linda & Teddy Thompson)
4. Down By The Water
5. When I Find My Life (M. Faithfull)
6. Whatcha Gonna Do

The artwork will be getting done in the next few weeks. 

Very psyched!!!

August 8- Recording,Reflecting, Perfecting

Yesterday Susan Cattaneo added some stunning harmony vocals to a couple of tracks. I couldn't have found a better person for the job. Susan is a musical force as a singer and a songwriter! Check out her website, if you have a chance:

The CD is coming along beautifully. I thought it  would be finished by now, but there are a couple more songs that need to be tweeked a bit. 

July30 - Music At Newport Folk Fest

That is my motto for the week. The universe is always going to throw you a few curveballs from time to time- unexpected delays, unwanted expenses. Deal with it!
The last bits of recording are getting re-scheduled for  a liitle later this month. In the meantime, I got to the Newport Folk Fest for one day. I heard some great stuff Amy Helm,
First Aid Kit, Alabama Shakes, Del McCoury & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band & more... Three hour traffic jam- getting out of the festival parking lot!!! Like I said, keep on truckin!

July 17-Going Back Into The Studio Next Week!

My New Gibson Guitar! May 28th


I received my Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Standard a couple of days ago! Lovely, lovely prize for winning the May/June American Songwriter Lyric Contest. Thank you American Songwriter and thank you Gibson Guitar!

May 4- Great Gig Opening For Ramblin' Jack!

Wow! What a great night opening for Ramblin'Jack Elliott! It was sold out and a very attentive audience. I will be posting some pics a little later! Ramblin' Jack is amazing. 

May 1- First Place For My Song, "Chickasaw"!

 Very happy to announce my song, "Chickasaw" won first place in the American Songwriter contest for May/June 2012! Here is the link:

April 24th


Wonderful gig last Thursday at the Worcester Art Museum. Looking forward to opening for the legendary Ramblin' Jack Elliott at the MFA next week!

April 10 Q Div!

Did some final mixing on "Lilac Sky" with Pat D at the helm. Just trying to decide between two vocal mixes. Andy Hollinger came in and added some sweet guitar lines to, "Do Your Best For Rock 'n Roll".  The CD is really coming together. Slow but steady...

March 29-Boston Globe Editor's Pick! 

The April 1 Roots Attached Revue Show at Arts At The Armory is an Editor's Pick in today's Boston Globe!

March 28


Back in the studio yesterday to work on some vocal tracks! Yodelay-ee-oo!

March 20- Do Your Best For Rock 'n Roll


I was back in the studio today for a couple hours. The one and only, Tim Ray, added his fantastic stylingss to a couple of tunes, "Do Your Best For Rock 'n Roll" and "Memphis".  He is one of those players who takes things to another level. Amazing.  

March 6 More Recording & News!

I was back in the recording studio yesterday. The CD is coming along nicely. I have recorded 5 tunes so far. Peter Parcek, Andy Hollinger and Cameron Peterson have all added some fine guitar work to the songs. I will be going back in the next couple of weeks to do some more recording. It's hard work, but someone has to do it. :)

Other notes... I was fortunate enough to attend quite an event last week at the JFK Library, UMass Boston. The organization, New England PEN, awarded Chuck Berry and Leonard Cohen prizes for literary excellence in songwriting. Not only were both present to receive the awards, but Paul Simon introduced Chuck Berry! Then Elvis Costello got up to perform a Chuck Berry tune! It was not announced to the general public, prior to the event, that either Paul Simon or Elvis Costello would be in attendance. Soon after, Salman Rushdie (!) took to the stage to introduce Leonard Cohen, casually adding that there was a musician in the audience who had sold more books than any of the authors there that afternoon- Keith Richards!!! I don't think I was the only person that went into stunned mode at that point. Did I mention Shawn Colvin sang a Leonard Cohen song? At the end of event, Elvis Costello performed one more Chuck Berry tune, inviting Keith Richards up onto the stage to join him. Amazing.

Feb 24 - More Q Recording!

Spent time in the studio this week. Andy Hollinger came in and laid own a GREAT guitar track for "Down By The Water" - very clean and persuasive sound, perfect for the song! 


Feb 19 -More Recording Coming Up This Week!

Spent a most enjoyable weekend rehearsing new tunes! Getting very psyched about upcoming shows.  Heading back into the studio tomorrow!

Feb 9 - More Recording At Q Division!

Went back into the recording studio this weekand  did final vocals for "Lilac Sky". Yay!  More recording will be happening over the next month or so. I am very excited about the project. Can't say enough about Q Division, Pat Discenso & EdV. A great recording experinece!

Feb 2- Homegrown Showcase, 92.5 the River

 A big thanks to Irene Collins for featuring my tune, "Jenny Danced" on her show, "Homegrown Showcase" on 92.5. the River! And thank you to Cindy Cisco for telling her about my music!

Jan 27th Recording Session!

Had a great recording session today with Mike Piehl & Paul Kochanski.  January has been a busy and very productive month!